Are your solar panels generating at their maximum efficiency?

I’m Dennis from EcoKleenSolar North Lakes, your local solar care professional.

Being a solar owner means you have taken a positive step towards reducing your electricity costs, and who doesn’t want to do that, right?

Being a solar owner also means that you need to ensure your installation is clean and in proper working order to ensure you are getting those planned savings.

As you know, anything that prevents sunlight from entering the cells in your solar panels means your system is under-performing. Dirt, dust, grime, salt, bird droppings and other environmental factors all reduce each cell’s ability to perform efficiently.

Under-performing solar cells mean you are creating LESS energy and paying MORE on your power bills.

Establishing and maintaining a regular cleaning and inspection regime will not only help you save money on your power bill but will also ensure the safety and performance of your installation.

EcoKleenSolar North Lakes offers:

  • Chemical and Detergent Free Cleaning
  • Pure de-ionised water used
  • No squeegees used on solar panels
  • Fully insured
  • Certified to work at heights
  • Police Checked
  • Easy Payment options
  • Referrals for upgrades, repairs and replacements

As us about our solar panel pest management solutions as well.

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I will welcome the opportunity to meet with you to chat about how we can work closely with you to offer a value-added service and to help you Make More from your investment in solar.

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